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The meaning of the abbreviation "SHiFT" in Polish:

S - Site, H - History,- and, F -Photos, T - Trasport.



  • Museal Route in Krakow - 29 lipca 2018

    Today on service on Museal Route in Krakow were two couple of trams. Departures to the Cichy Kącik were realised by SN2+PN2 (№87+530). Departures to the Kopiec Wandy were realised by Konstal 102N (№203). 

    Also on line numer 9 (Nowy Bieżanów - Mistrzejowice) were two couples of old trams: Konstal 102Na+102NaD (№210+155) and MAN T4+B4 (№220+527).

  • Something about Krakow's Museal Route - 22.07.2018

    Today, 22 July, Krakow's Museal Route will claim rules in Krakow! We could see 11 heritage vehicles in service together - this is our record. On the line "0" from Museum of Municipal Engeenering trips to Cichy Kącik were realised by modernised couple of Konstal N+ND (No. 20+511) (later was replaced by SN2 (No.87), and to the Kopiec Wandy by MAN T4+B4 (No. 220+527).

    Additionaly, special route No. 15 from Cichy Kącik to Kopiec Wandy was runned. It was serviced by articulated trams Konstal 102N (No. 203), Konstal 102Na (No. 210), and MAN GT6 (No. 187).

    In turn, historical buses was on the route called "B", from Main Railoway Station to Kombinat via Stanisław Bareja Roundabout. It will be serviced by Ikarus 280.26 No.34260, Ikarus 620.54 No.118, Jelcz 272MEX No.341, Jelcz 021 No.549 and SAN H01B No.86.

  • Museal Route 15.07.2018 - update


    As we informed on Facebook, tram Konstal 102Na #210 was replaced by MAN GT6 #187 on the trips to Cichy Kącik. It seems that, the articulated tram from Nuremberg likes be in service on the line "0" :)




  • Krakows Museal Route - 15.07.2018


    We remind You, that on Sunday Krakow's Museal Route will be serviced again by two couples of heritage trams. Trips to Kopiec Wandy will be realised by train formed from N+ND+PN2 (No.20+511+530). Articulated tram 102Na (No. 210) will realise trips to Cichy Kącik :)




  • Museal Route in Krakow - 8.07.2018


    On next Sunday in Krakow two couples of herritage trams will be in service of Krakow Museal Route.

    Departures the Cichy Kącik will be realised by LH+PN2 (No.1076+524).
    Departures to the Kopiec Wandy will be realised by MAN GT6 (No.187).



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