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What are cookies and cache?

Cookies are small text files sent by a web browser on a computer or other device. These files, unlike the contents of the pages are saved for some time in the memory of the browser, allowing you to store user settings (such as eg. the sort order of photos, but also data to automatically log the user) associated with viewing page.

A cache is a memory, which is written portion of site content - background, header, some images, HTML and CSS. Thanks to this, page loads faster, because you do not have to  download every time a whole site from the Internet, but only part of it. This speeds up the loading of the content and saves data transfer.

The above technologies are used on almost every website, including the SHiFT Web page. While functioning without them it is perfectly possible, so it would be inconvenient for the user - they are used only as a convenience. However, if you do not wish to leave the files in the browser's memory, there is a possibility.

Use of cookies on our website

This page uses cookies to a small degree. In the browser user is stored by us only information about logging on to the website, as well as statistical information about visiting our website. Language selection is made automatically based on your browser settings, and does not require additional files. Additionally, if the user approves understanding of warnings about the use of cookies, this fact will be stored on your computer in order to avoid re-display the same warning.

Statistical information we use to better understand our users - provide us with information about the country they are visiting our website, as well as browser, operating system, and the most frequently visited pages. This will allow us to better understand our users and customize a website best to the requirements of the community. This information is processed only by us and not by external tools such as Google Analysis.

A separate category Cookies are those provided by external suppliers - eg. YouTube while watching videos embedded on the page or Facebook in a when you switch to our Fanpage. At the same time we are trying to improve the smoothness of the page and user safety by reducing technologies such as Adobe Flash, JavaScript and amount of social media plugins to the minimum required for a comfortable use of the Site.

Controling files stored by browser

Each web browser, designed for personal computers and mobile devices, or other tools for entertainment (video game consoles, televisions, etc.) gives users the ability to control over the files stored on your computer.

Procedure with the files, their removal or disabling is varied depending on the browser and its version. Below are links to support the most popular browsers.

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In the case of browsers not listed above, or their mobile versions, we suggest you check the built-in Help system or refer questions to the manufacturer's technical support.

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