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Tram Konstal N (26)

N+ND #26+538 - Cichy Kącik baloon loop

History of the tram

Before World War II particular cities located on the present territory of Poland had individual for each network tram fleet, and after the war, the new communist authorities decided to develop a project of simple and the total solid wagons, a single for the entire country. The result of this work was to begin production of normalised trams, marked with the letter "N" in Chorzów Plant of Steel Structures "Konstal".

Trams type N were based on the German construction of war tram with the symbol KSW (Kriegsstraßenbahnwagen). In order to enable the production and service in conditions of war damage, trams of these had extremely simple and robust design, and at the same time were very heavy, allowing them to use as barricades. To the interior of car led wide, one-piece doors on both sides of the tram, opened with a handle. This solution ensured the possibility of a quick evacuation of the vehicle in the event of an air raid. At the door, were used rails, so it was possible to riding the tram with open doors without the risk of ejection passenger on the street. Starting their duty in post-war Poland made it possible to reduce the problems associated with the shortage of parts, significant devastation of the rolling stock, as well as rapidly rising carriage to industrial parts of of cities.

From the streets of our city they disappeared in 1988 doing the last courses on November 28 on the route number 7, thus becoming a cult trams from era of communism. Motorcar with the inventory number #26 is from 1954 and served until the end of the '80s in the Upper Silesia. It was renovated in the early 90s in the workshops of Krakow carrier, and then went to the museum in Nuremberg, where it was exposed as a replacement for the original tram KSW. Tram returned to the royal city in 2006 and is one of the few surviving copies in our country presenting the state of manufacturing this type of trams.

Technical data

Manufacturer: Konstal Chorzów
Type of car: Low-speed, single-section, double-ended motorcar
Years of production: 1948-1956
Years of duty in Krakow: 1949-1988
Historic car: from 2006
Total length: 11 000 mm
Curb weight: 14 000 kg
Number of axles: 2
The number and power of engines: 2x 60kW
Number of seats: 16
Number of places in total: 83


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