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Tram Sanok SN1 (37)

SN1+PN3 - Museum of Urban Engineering

History of the tram

Railcars of this type were the first standard gauge trams in Krakow. Deliveries began in December 1912 which allowed, after a month of tests, run the first line of the standard gauge tram. These lines were characterized by used today, wider by more than half a meter clearance between the rails, allowing the use of larger and higher capacity trams from those familiar with earlier narrow-gauge line. New wagons, very characteristic of Krakow, were produced in three series in Sanok Wagon Factory and Graz, and later in workshops Krakow's own carrier. From one of the factories, trams gained the nickname "Gracówka" (tramway from Graz). They were very well presented on a pre-war postcards from our city.

Made for the Krakow City Electric Railway streetcars were similar to those used at the time in Galicia, however, they stood out solutions applied only in the royal city. The body was built entirely of wood, mounted on a trolley and are amortized using the leaf springs. Also new are fully built bridges with manual doors, which increased the capacity of the car and comfort in all conditions. Inside the tram sliding doors separated the two classes, differing in the ticket price, and convenience of travel. In both classes the passengers traveled on wooden benches installed along the side walls of the tram, with a first class seat were also covered with soft leather. Travel was more pleasant also by interior details such as additional skylights in the roof, curtains in the windows, brass fittings and stylish lamps mounted on the ceiling.

Wagons were very persistent and remained in operation until 56 years, which is a record in Polish scale. In the early '90s attempts were made to rebuild "Gracówka" railcar. For this purpose, wrecks of 3 car was found that were in poor condition. Thanks to the commitment MPK managed to rebuild characteristic of Krakow tram. It was honored on the anniversary of the 120th anniversary of public transport in Krakow. It is now on of the oldest and most valuable trams in our collection.

Technical data

Manufacturer: Sanocka Fabryka Wagonów (Sanok)
Type of car: Low-speed, single-section, double-ended motorcar
Years of production: 1912-1936
Years of duty in Krakow: 1913-1969
Historic car: from 1995
Total length: 10 650 mm
Curb weight: 13 000 kg
Number of axles: 2
The number and power of engines: 2x 33 kW
Number of seats: 24
Number of places in total: 56


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