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Tram Konstal 102N (203)

102N #203 - Kopiec Wandy

History of the tram

The wagon is the result of the work of Polish engineers who want to design a modern, high-speed tram, which is the successor for the Polish cities of tram type "N". However, the road to this goal had not been easy. Started from the purchase in 1956 in Czechoslovak factories "CKD Tatra" two trams of class T1 for Warsaw. Then the cars thoroughly has been tested to copy some of them solutions, which paved the way for the production of the Polish equivalent of the tram - car Konstal 13N. However, the plan they were only for the capital carrier, while for the other Polish cities decided to build a special version of trams, marked firstly as type 15N, and then 102N.

Series cars of 1969. was characterized by an articulated, single-space construction of body, suppression of interior, automatic door and the possibility of driving in the double-units two motorcars. Also they had a crank to adjust the acceleration and deceleration by formula from old trams, instead of pedals. In addition, compared to the previous designs, these cars have a very innovative appearance of the body, which were colloquially known as "angulars." Unfortunately the use of tilted at an angle of the windshield has led to important inconvenience. The light lighted in the passenger compartment reflected motorman from the windshield, making it difficult to drive these trams after dark. This resulted in a halt of production of this model and returned to the proven, rounded appearance, known Warsaw trams.

In Krakow were operated 10 wagons of type 102N, 7 from the manufacturer and 3 imported from Gdansk by exchanges. They ran with passengers until 1990 on the lines operated by depot Nowa Huta. In 1994 it was decided to renovate the car that has survived as training car and restored it to the service for passengers. Tram number # 203 finally rolled off the streets of Krakow in 1997, thus joining the collection of historic trams of MPK.

Technical data

Manufacturer: Konstal Chorzów
Type of car: High-speed, double-section, single-ended motorcar
Years of production: 1967-1969
Years of duty in Krakow: 1969-1997
Historic car: from 1997
Total length: 19 300 mm
Curb weight: 26 000 kg
Number of axles: 6
The number and power of engines: 4x 41,5kW
Number of seats: 32
Number of places in total: 185


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