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Tram Sanok PN2 (530)

LH+PN2 #1076+530 - Museum of Urban Engineering

History of the tram

Trams of type PN2 have been produced at the turn of 1938 and 1939 in the Galician Society of Building Wagons and Machinery in Sanok. As indicated by the marking of class, they were the second series of standard gauge railcars, which are adapted to the motion along used today in Krakow gauge of rails. Their purchase by the city of Krakow was dictated by the very rapid development of the tram network and the tremendous influx of passengers. Earlier Krakow Municipal Electric Railway was helping yourself by reconstructions of trams in their own workshops, but it was not enough in the long term. Due to the place of their origin, trams gained the colloquial name of "Sanoks."

Delivered just before the Second World War the new trains had a steel construction with many elements of wood and brass. The work of tram driver facilitated fully enclosed platforms and wipers, so driving the tram was comfortable regardless of weather conditions. Passenger compartment was closed by coupled, double sliding doors. To calm the run of tram had applied additional shock absorbers of wheel sets, making passengers felt less uneven tracks and crossings. In one car were also tested a new type of wheel with additional depreciation, but just returned to this solution after 20 years in the wagons 102N from the Chorzów factory.

"Sanoks" although it they were not the largest group of Krakow's carrier trams, were very recognizable against operated at the time rolling stock and they were praised by the operator and passengers, much more than cars manufactured just after the war. Last trailers rolled off from line in 1975. Many of these trams, went on allotments of MPK employees , where they were used as a gazebos or shed. Thanks to this, the tram #530 retained until the '90s, which led to its later reconstruction of the Municipal Department of Repair for Trams in Krakow, currently repair division of MPK SA. Sanok cars today are one of the foundations of the Krakow's Museal Line, and every day you can watch them in the museum, which is opportunity to live with the history of pre-war Poland.

Technical data

Manufacturer: Sanocka Fabryka Wagonów (Sanok)
Type of car: Passive, single-section, double-ended trailer
Years of production: 1938
Years of duty in Krakow: 1938-1975
Historic car: from 1992
Total length: 10 900 mm
Curb weight: 9 300 kg
Number of axles: 2
The number and power of engines: ---
Number of seats: 24
Number of places in total: 64


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