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Tram MAN PN3 (555)

SN1+PN3 - Nowa Huta depot

History of the tram

Originally trams were produced in Nuremberg MAN factory in 1909 for the local carrier on the occasion of the Expo, presenting the achievements of world technology. They bore the mark Bw and were trailers to Tw wagons, which that time were the most innovative trams which been presented. These streetcars probably would not have anything in common with Krakow, if it were not the outbreak of World War II and the German occupation of Poland. The Nazi authorities of the General Government, whose had the capital in Kraków, decided bringing to the city used trams from German territory. They brought in 1941 to Krakow 23 motorcars and 10 trailers. Because of this, it was the third series of standard gauge trams in Krakow, they adopted marking of PN3 (standard gauge trailer, 3rd series) and SN3 (motorcar) types.

PN3 trailers were relatively simple construction, decidedly less innovative than dedicated to them motorcars. They were equipped with a semi-open platforms, which were secured folding barriers. were less than 8 meters in length and weighed 3.5 tons. They were attached to the SN1 trams, making them the first triple tram units in Krakow. On the other hand SN3 because of their large size they ran alone during the occupation as trams "for Germans only" on the line "8", and after the occupation, normally on other routes. Trailers PN3 were removed from service at the beginning of the '60s.

To this day, survived a car PN3 number # 546, and it is in the collections of the Museum of Urban Engineering. In 2008, reconstruction began from scratch tram type PN3 on the basis of technical documentation and photography. Spring 2009 the MPK Company completed the reconstruction, so the oldest surviving tram in Krakow gained its trailer. Preserved is also a motorcar SN3, which was renovated in 1984 in Kraków from the tram to service the catenary. It was handed over to the museum in twinned Nuremberg and occasionally you can meet it on the streets of this German city with Krakow where for many years cooperating.

Technical data

Manufacturer: MAN SE (Nuremberg)
Type of car: Passive, single-section, double-ended trailer
Years of production: 1909
Years of duty in Krakow: 1941-1959
Historic car: from 2009
Total length: 7 700 mm
Curb weight: 3 500 kg
Number of axles: 2
The number and power of engines: ---
Number of seats: 14
Number of places in total: 40


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