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Tram Linke-Hofmann Standard (1076)

LH - Aleja Pokoju

History of the tram

This tram was produced in 1925 by the Wroclaw company Linke-Hofmann Werke AG Breslau, for the needs of the local carrier. The wagon came to our town by accident, because it has been imported at the request of Polish Television in 1985 to appear on the film by Krzysztof Zanussi "Our God's Brother," which is an adaptation of art by Karol Wojtyla, dealing with the life of St. Brother Albert. The film was realized in Krakow, but at the time in the city there was no historical tram needed for one of the scenes, therefore, decided to borrow one from Wroclaw.

Characteristics for this type of wagons are innovative solutions not used before in other trams. Used formerly wooden body design has been replaced by a riveted steel, much more durable. Applied also adjustable seats with the possibility of adapting them to the direction of travel, vehicle also has improved suspension to improve passenger comfort. With these solutions, motorcar ride is very pleasant in comparison to other constructions with similar period. Furthermore, their stability has resulted in that in Wroclaw so far many cars of these type are active technical and historical trams.

Despite the end of the filming, Linke-Hofmann never returned to its home town. It was connected with plans to create a national museum of public transport in Krakow, which, however, never launched. Since its premiere in 1997, the tram stood for many years in the Podgórze depot, where it was waiting for a better future. Thanks to the hard work of MPK SA in Krakow and the enthusiasts of public transport in 2006, was restored to its former glory. Wagon during the grand parade of trams joined the collection of historic municipal transport fleet. Despite its episodic history in our city, it is an integral part of our museal collection. In addition to Krakow and Wroclaw, one car of this type has a Warsaw.

Technical data

Manufacturer: Linke-Hofmann Werke (Wroclaw)
Type of car: Low-speed, single-section, double-ended motorcar
Years of production: 1924-1929
Years of duty in Krakow: ---
Historic car: from 2006
Total length: 9 600 mm
Curb weight: 11 500 kg
Number of axles: 2
The number and power of engines: 2x 28kW
Number of seats: 21
Number of places in total: 47


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