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Tram MAN GT6 (187)

MAN GT6 #187 - Nowa Huta depot

History of the tram

The release of the economy in 1989 enabled the Polish cities to renew its fleet by bringing used vehicles from behind the western border. Krakow the first decided to take this step, so in our city there were trams from the sister city of Nuremberg. Cars were sold very cheaply to Krakow in connection with the expansion of the subway system in the Bavarian town and the possibility of reducing the amount of trams in service.

Trams GT6 were articulated version of the already known in Krakow for several years motorcar class T4 from the same manufacturer, designed in identical, rounded shapes. Initially they ran individually and characterized by high acceleration, but they also had the opportunity to ride with a B4 trailer, which in turn improved the braking of them. Just like the short version, trams were characterized by a quiet ride, warm interior, kept in a wood-style, and light barriers in the door. During the service wagons were modernized by exchanging the original tapes to the the presentation of route number and direction of travel for the boards and displays, installation of new seats upholstered in fabric, as well as equipping trams in ticket machines. They had a very robust design, so without large amounts of money cars were remaining in good condition.

GT6 plied for many years around Krakow individually on the lines of local importance, and in the sets with B4 trailers, handling the main lines. Trams were in service until 2008 with trailer cars, and the last five years they ran alone  on the local lines operated by depots Nowa Huta and Podgórze. The official end of the duty took place in early 2013 with the participation of a train car number #187. Since the beginning of service in Krakow it had a painting of the Nuremberg urban carrier. It has been removed from the rolling stock inventory in 2010, becoming a historical tram. Since then, the tram is very often rented to organize mobile discos, fundraisings and promotional campaigns, and in the summer you can meet it on the streets of the city as part of the Krakow's Museal Route.

Technical data

Manufacturer: MAN AG (Nuremberg)
Type of car: High-speed, double-section, single-ended motorcar
Years of production: 1962-1966
Years of duty in Krakow: 1995-2013
Historic car: from 2013
Total length: 16 500 mm
Curb weight: 23 400 kg
Number of axles: 6
The number and power of engines: 2x 120kW
Number of seats: 42
Number of places in total: 132


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